AUG 2018 - No. Escape and Meteor Trail

The dogs days of summer were on us with hints of the coming cooler weather and hopefully the containment of the numerous fire throughout the state.  Seven crew members showed up and they split into 2 groups with David B, Janette, and Michelle being dropped off by Dale P at the Sequoia Trail junction at 236.  The plan was for them to work their way down to No. Escape Rd  taking care of some small stuff then joining the 2nd crew on Meteor Trail,  where John,  Peter,  Norm, and Dale were to work on a Redwood blocking the trail.  State Crew supervisor, Chris Pereira, had dropped off 3 log hooks and a heavy rock bar and Susan Blake was kind enough to hauled the tools out in the gator to the junction of Skyline to the Sea and Meteor and even helped carry them up to the work site. Upon arriving we quickly realized the Redwood was too large for the log hooks so Susan hauled them back to HQ using the gator.  The Redwood blocking the trail was close to  3ft in diameter and close to 6ft long.


It was decided to make 1 cut, in the middle,  with the whip saw, then try to roll the 2 sections off trail. We hadn't brought wedges but improvised with an axe blade pounded into the cut to keep the saw from binding.  Thank goodness we were working on a Redwood and not a wet heavy Doug Fir.  The sawing actually work quite well and using the heavy rock bar we were able to dispose of the 2 sections off the trail.

Old timers on the job

Old timers on the job

Dale started on a 12" Doug fir but as his saw was not too sharp John finished it up using his Pulaski blade. 


We cleared the resulting debris and the trail was as good as new.  We met David, Michelle, and Janette down on No. Escape Rd  and decided to have lunch at the kiosk by the Hollow Tree Trail junction on No. Escape.

The crew put in 47 hours and thanks to Peter, Michelle, Janette, David B,  John C,  Dale P, and Norm.

By Norm and Jeff

Photos by Norm