JUL 2018 - Trail Reconstuction Part 2

The plan for the day was to work with the State Trail Crew and 12 BBVTC members showed up for the Part 2 of trail reconstruction.  We met up with José,  Dan & Matt from the State Trail Crew and car pooled up Gazos to Middle Ridge then split into 3 groups.  One group was going to work on moving and hiding a bunch of soil/duff that resulted from the trail construction.

The second crew went to work on removing a madrone root ball that was partially blocking the new trail.  We all know that is was a lot of work since madrone is a very hard wood.

Matt from State Parks, Janie, Dale, Michele, and Peter any a little later they were joined by John, and Jose with all of us taking turns taking a few whacks at the root ball.  We couldn't get the stump out, so we hacked at it until it was below the trail surface. We then filled the hole with rocks, pounded the rocks into smaller rocks to better fill the hole evenly, and then covered the rocks with dirt, constantly watering and tamping down the dirt.  Finally, the trail was smooth and you would never know that the root ball was in the middle of the trail.

The 3rd group, composed of José,  Janette, David P, and Norm,  worked on fine tuning the rough spots on the new section we worked on last month.

José and I talked again about his email mention about him letting us know if/when there are future projects that we can work on & he said he would keep us in mind. Guess that's it for now

The crew put in 89 hours and thanks to David P, Janie, Jordan, Janette, Chris Y, John Collins, Dale S., Norm, Herman, Peter, Michelle, and long time trail crew member  Jennie.