APR 2016 - STS and Sequoia

As I'm writing this thundershowers with lighting and thunder and spooked pups surround.  It's been a while since I have experienced them as well as the shoveling of snow.  I moved to the Bay area in 1988 and have just moved to the Mt Rose Area near Reno NV.  I will miss the monthly outings but I will continue with the blog so I'm still with everyone.

Last month 8 members came out on a drizzlly overcast day.  We started off by clearing an oak off of the STS trail on the North side of Opal Creek that is behind the Old Lodge.  It was a mess and hard to navigate through but after about and hour it was cleared.  Most of the time was moving the cuttings down both ends of the trail to stash off the trail and out of sight.
 This section had fallen into the creek.  Looks like a job for the State Crew.

Next week headed over to Sequoia Trail for reports of many downed trees but all be found was a branch north of the Kirsch Trail heading toward HQ.  We then headed to another report near Sky Meadow.  We found a Tan Oak and a Redwood.
In this area the trees are twisted

We had lunch at the Sky Meadow Lodge where there is a Redwood dedicated to Bob Kirsch the founder of the BBVTC.
The long walk back

It was a good work day although we didn't get to much we did make it easier to walk along two of the trails.

The team put in 66 hours and I would like to thanks Norm, Dale S., Curt, Mike, Shyamal, David B., and Janette.

See you on the trails


Photos by: Jeff and Shyamal

Birds of the Day
Pileated Woodpecker
Dark-eye Junco
Hairy Woodpecker
Allen's Hummingbird
Chestnut-back Chickadee
Common Raven
Pacific Wren
Northern Flicker
American Robin
Steller's Jay
Warbling Vireo
Townsend's Warbler
Acorn Woodpecker
American Crow