MAY 2016 - Tool Shed, Basin and Sequoia Trails

There was our usual good turnout in May and were able to split into two groups with one group working on prepping the tool shed so we could start moving tools back in while Dale Petersen lead the actual trail work and headed off to the Basin and Sequoia Trails to check on reported problem areas.

After being abandoned for years and subjected to winter rains finding their way inside, the tool shed team decided the first order of business was dragging the shed's contents outside and doing a thorough spring cleaning! 

    Empty, But Still Lots of Work To Do

After removing everything and vacuuming the interior we started painting the walls and ceiling in order to cover years of dirt and water stains. It was amazing how much better the shed looked with all the old stuff removed and a fresh coat of paint!

    Painting Instantly Made the Shed Look Better

 As the paint dried we began the task of sorting through the old stuff and deciding on what we wanted to keep, what the park might want to keep and what no one wanted and should be headed to the dumpster.

   Refurbishing Some Old Wedges

One of the new additions to the shed is a work bench that Janie was able to pick up from a friend. This will allow us to easily clean tools at the end of the workday along with sharpen things when needed.

  The New Work Bench Held The Most Important Tool

 For the Workday - A Box of Donuts (Pink Box)

By the end of the workday most things were in place and the shed looked much better! There was discussion on what we could do with the floor with suggestions on everything from tearing it up or putting down an overlay of new linoleum to painting it. The final post workday suggestion was getting some one-half inch plywood and putting that down over the linoleum. It'll look a lot better, can be paint it if we want, and will hopefully provide additional support for a spongy sub-floor.


Looking Better, But The Floor Still Needs Work

Dale's crew started off by clearing the two listed on the map plus one more we found on the Basin Trail.  (numbers 3 & 4 on the map you gave us).  We cleared the upper one (number 2) on Skyline to the Sea and decided to drive down to the lower one.  Less walking back up hill.

Checking out the map

 Not ready yet

We ran into a major blockage about half way down North Escape Road. and had to back track. It was about 3 to 3 1/2 feet in diameter and at an angle from the top of the bank down to the edge of the road.  This one will be very difficult to clear.  We came in through the park on North Escape to Sequoia trail to get that one. As we cut almost through it was binding on the saw and we could not get through it. We did not have a saw to make an undercut.  The whipsaw would not fit under the log. By this time it was getting late in the day and we did not get to the one on Skyline to the Sea near Hollow Tree.

The box Jeff used to hold the tools was put to rest

The crew put in 82 hours and thanks to Herman Aster, Norm Beeson, David Bryan, Shyamal Kapadia,  Janie Liefhelm, Mike Peasland, Dale Petersen, Dale Stadelman, and two new comers - Chris Young who is also a new interpretive docent with the park and Mark Tiedens who spent a long day on the trails with D1's group, for their work.

See you on the trails

Mike, Dale P., and Jeff
Photos by Shyamal