AUG 2016 - No. Escape Rd.

Norm spoke with Sr. Park Aide Daniel about the BIG Doug fir across N. Escape Rd and said that he and Ranger Alex had cleared a bit of the debris but that there was more to do so that's where we started. Because the Opal Creek was just below the site we had talked about hauling the remaining debris somewhere else but when we got to the scene there was way too much to haul.  So we moved all the stuff to the edge of the road where the park trail crew can decide what to to do with it.

Thanks to Dale S for his chain saw work,  David B. for his acrobatics, and all who helped clear the road to where we could drive further up to our next location, the junction of Sequoia Trail & N Escape Rd.
Our notes said that 1/2 way down the Sequoia trail there was a Doug Fir that had slid across the trail causing major "destruction".  Heading up the trail we quickly met a couple coming down who said there were a couple of trees more towards the top that they had to step over so we thought we would attack from Highway 236. 

Stopping for the all important trail crew lunch at a picnic table back down the road, we then headed up Hwy 236 to finish the 44" Doug fir that we weren't able to get last month on East Ridge Trail.  We thought we would knock this out then head up to take care of the trees on Sequoia Trail but the fir kept us busy until a little after 4.  Not 36" but just a few inches under  a 4' diameter. 

Thanks to all for a fun, tough, productive day!  The crew put in 64 hours and thanks to Dale S., Janie, Janette, Bill & Jan, David B., Norm, and first timer Paul.  Paul heard about us from the trail crew brochure in the Sempervirens Room.