JUL 2016 - Shadowbrook and East Ridge area

It was a beautiful Saturday morning to kick things off!  After our usual socializing we headed over to the shed and due to the great turnout we were able to split into two groups.  Group 1 consisted of Peter & Michelle, David B, Janie, & Janette.  Let it be noted that this valiant group worked until 4pm.
From Peter:  We headed over to Blooms Creek campground, where we found, cut, and cleared an 8” tan oak from the trail while we were looking for the debris on the East Ridge trail.  We did find the brush on East Ridge that was just east of the Pine Mountain Trail.

Crew 1
From there we drove to the edge of Blooms Creek campground and hiked along the East Ridge Trail locating and retrieving the reported rotting trail sign which we picked up and took back to HQ.  We crossed 236 and turned right on to East Ridge and found a 36-48” Douglas fir completely blocking the trail.  No chain saw, so we cleared all the surrounding brush that the tree had taken down.  We didn’t know if this was in the chain saw area but it would be good if someone could take care of it soon, because a path has already started up and around it.  About 0.1 mile past the fir there was a 12” tan oak and a bunch of brush.  We cleared the brush and started cutting the tree with our handsaws but it was just too hard and was taking too long, so we stopped, figuring that whoever comes to cut up the big fir can do the tan oak in a few minutes  (7/13-Norm spoke with a senior park aid who said he would try to take care of both the fir & 12” tan oak). Clearing the brush created a huge amount of dust and we were all coughing like crazy – the smart people (the women) took protective measures.
We had lunch in a nice spot off the trail then walked back to the car.  We picked up an additional rotted trail sign and returned it to HQ.  We stopped at HQ, gave Susan the signs, picked up the whipsaw in case we needed it on the next and last bit of work, what was supposed to be a 10” tree of some kind on east ridge, east of the connector with Shadow Brook.  We decided to go in at the tent cabins, which was definitely the closest point, but that hill on the connector trail is STEEP!  Someone had gotten to the downed tree before us – sawdust still on the trail.  We came across a large bunch of rotted redwood across the trail so Janette & Michelle cleaned it spotlessly while the rest of us went looking for the downed tree.  Great day of work.
Group 2 included Dales P., Dale S., Herman, Norm, and Chris Young.   Looking for several downed Tan Oaks on the East Ridge Trail reported by Susan Blake, we headed out of the park to Lodge Road (Lodge Road in the park has large washout making in inaccessible just above lower Sky Meadow residences) then back to the park where we went through the gate and Dale P. bravely drove his nice new pickup down the trail/road where we came to the mess. 
Crew 2 on East Ridge
We motored on down to where the East Ridge Trail crosses Lower China Grade then went down the trail a bit and cleared a 10” tan oak that was lying across the trail.
A little lopping on the way back to the truck then we headed back to see if we could find Group #1.  We checked near Blooms Creek campground, 236, then by the tent cabins in Huckleberry campground but we missed them.
We headed back to the shed for lunch – afterwards Dale S. continued his efforts of sharpening loppers, pulaskis & McLeods - more work needed but off to a great start!  A little spray of silicone and they’re ready for next month.  David B stopped by to pick up the whipsaw saying the group was having fun?!
The crew put in a total of 82 hours and many thanks to Chris Young, Dale P, Dale S, David B, Herman, Janette, Janie, Michelle, Peter, and Norm.