FEB 2016 - 2 Crews

There were 9 members out this month and it was another warm morning for early February.  We split up into 2 crews with Dale S. heading up Crew1 with Norm, Peter, Michelle, and Janette.  they started off heading out Gazos Ck. Rd to the tree that has the road blocked. After a few minutes of discussion they decided that they didn't want to spend all day on this one. Janette measured it to be about 38".

We removed a smaller 6" tree that came down with this one. Not knowing how far the other 3 smaller ones were, we turned around and did some rock and limb clearing of Gazos Creek Rd on our way back to the tree on Creeping Forest Trail. This one was about 38".

Corncob pipes have nothing on our Douglas Fir pipe...

Cleared and finished...

When Peter found out the my crew would be looking for an American Dipper he bailed.  My crew included Mike, David B., and David P.  We started at Blooms Creek Tail and cleared an 8" and 12" oak.

Next up was Last Chance trail and the search for the American Dipper.  I have seen a nesting pair along the creek for the last 2 years.  We first came across an 18" Tan Oak.

Not too far down the trail we came across another 18" oak.
We then headed down the trail in search of the Dippers and about 1/4 mile after crossing the creek we did find the pair and with nesting material so now 3 years in a row.  Another bonus was White-throated Swift flying along the cliffs above us.
 American Dipper on the falls

 Banana Slug

After watching the Dippers over lunch  headed over to Eastridge Trail where it crosses Lodge Road.  This was a 22" oak and after a few cuts we had the trail open.
Between the 2 crews we put in 70 hours and I would like to thank Dale S., Norm, Michelle, Peter, David P., David B., Janette, and Mike.

See you on the trails

Dale S. and Jeff

Birds of the Day
Varied Thrush
Pacific Wren
Acorn Woodpecker
Hutton Vireo
Northern Flicker
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
American Dipper
White-throated Swift
 Turkey Vulture
American Robin
Dark-eyed Junco