April 2011: STS and Meteor

It was impressive that we had 13 crew members out again for our April trail work day. There were so many trees down that we split up into 2 crews. Dale lead one to cover the reported down trees around HQ, Dool, and Meteor trails. Most were taken care of except a large Madrone that fell right on the trail. There was a lot of clearing of branches to open that trail.

I lead the second crew on the Berry Creek Falls inner loop (not an official name) covering Sunset to Timm’s Creek then back on STS to the connector. Some of you have done this loop many times and know it’s not easy 5 mile loop. Francis and I would worked ahead of the main crew clearing the large obstructions leaving anything less than about 6 inches for hand saws with Francis reminding me that “there are bigger fish to fry” when I would stop for a small obstruction.

One obstruction that did require a chainsaw was a fir the fell onto a bridge basically destroying it. After clearing the fir off the bridge Francis used nails pulled from some of the boards to stabilize the crossing although it was still pretty shaky.

We had lunch at the Timm’s Creek trail junction and continue on removing 6-8 obstructions with hand saws and 8 oak and 2 fir up to 15” with a chainsaw.

The wildflowers were numerous with the redwood sorel in bloom atop a downed redwood.

It was a good day with a real sense of accomplishment and we put in a good 8 hour day and many thanks to Janette Mello, Roger Miller, Gene Nelson, Janie Leifhelm, Bill Leifhelm, Michele Estrin-Gelblum, Peter Gelblum, Michael Ishaq, Dale Petersen, Fran Loop, Francis Padilla, and Norm Beeson. With us 1/3 into the year we are at 345 volunteer hours and on our way on beating last year’s record (at least since I’ve been keeping track).

See you on the trails