March 2011: Lasr Chance Trail

There were 13 crew members out in March to work on the Last Chance trail where we did a lot of brushing and even used a weed whacker all day. This is a very little used trail but it runs along the West Waddell creek and is very beautiful and a pretty good birding area. Heard and saw one Pacific Wren who wasn’t too happy with us working in her home.

I was clearing the trail with Francis ahead of the main group looking for the large items so I mostly saw the before picture. On the way back it was such a noticeable improvement. It reminded me of the trail we put in when Sempervirens Fund purchased the Lompico watershed property. I was marking the trail all day and when I was finished and was returning there was a trail that looked like it was there for some time.

We only made it to the creek crossing since the creek was running fast and was above the rocks. We still put in a good 8 hour day and many thanks to Janette Mello, Roger Miller, Gene Nelson, Janie Leifhelm, Mike Peasland, Fran Loop, Francis Padilla, Josh Rile, Loren Edwards, Jennie Odryna, Gary Edwards, and Tim Hoge.

See you on the trails