November 2010: Howard King & Creeping Forest Trails

In November we had a good turnout of 13 Trail Crew members. The day started
with Jeff announcing that he would not be able to work the trails due to a
twisted ankle from the previous day. Jeff's new puppy/pony/horse (choose one)
picked up something she wasn't supposed to have and in the ensuing chase
Jeff twisted the ankle. (If you're scoring at home it's Puppy - 1 Jeff - 0).

Kaja the Pony (7 months)

As for the work, since we had a large turnout and some needed to leave by
1, we split into different groups. Peter Gelblum led the first group and
headed up the Creeping Forest trail to check on a reported down tree. Peter
reports there 'had' been a 3-4 foot diameter redwood across the trail, but it
was recently removed judging by the cut and sawdust. Otherwise, there was a
4-inch diameter tree that was sort of leaning a bit over the trail that they
cut up and a bunch of overgrown huckleberry that was trimmed back. They
extended the hike by going up Dool to Middle Ridge Fire Road, along Middle Ridge
to Sunset and back to headquarters.

The second group took a longer hike by heading up the Skyline-to-Sea to
Middle Ridge and then picking up the Howard King Trail to the Mt. McAbee
Overlook. The majority of the trail was clear except for a couple of chaparral
areas that needed the usual intensive brushing. With the 6.5 mile hike and the
work it was a long day with the group getting back a little before 5.

The smallest group of the day was Fran Loop's work party of one. Fran
arrived a little before 10 and after checking with the office staff headed up the
Dool Trail hoping to meet the first group. She did some brushing on the
trail and removed a 6-inch tan oak near the Gazos Creek Fire Road, but didn't
meet the first group. Fran also worked a section of the Hihn Hammond Fire
Road from the Blooms Creek Campground area. (Thanks for taking the initiative

Thanks to Tom Batley, Peter and Michele Gelblum, Michael Ishaq, Bill and
Janie Leifhelm, Fran Loop, Roger Miller, Gene Nelso, Jennie Odryna and her
step son Loren, Francis Padilla and Mike Peasland for their work.

Hope to see you at the park or at the party this Saturday!

Mike & Jeff