October 2010: RDO

It’s the second Saturday of November 2010 coming up and the Trail Crew will be back in the core Basin area. We’ll meet as usual at park headquarters about 9. The forecast is for nice weather, so I hope you can make it out.

Thanks to everyone who worked at Rancho del Oso (RDO) last month! We had enough people to split into two groups with one crew planting trail signs around the RDO office while the second crew worked on widening the fire road where a slide had closed it.

Crew at HQ

It’s nice to make a positive impression to those who may not be familiar with our work and Ranger Marti at RDO has been impressed with what we have done for her this year. After last month, she sent me the following note.

Please forward this note to your crew as I want to tell them all again Thanks for their hard work! The work/projects the volunteer crew is helping us do here at RDO just couldn't get done without them. It's apparent the dedication everyone on the team has towards the park. It truly shows and it is so appreciated. The public certainly reaps the benefits from all you do.
Thanks again and I will definitely contact you again soon! How does everyone feel about working in the rain??

Working on the washout

Opened up for emergency access to the Falls

Thanks to Tom Batley, Norm Beeson, Jeff Bleam, Peter and Michele Gelblum, Michael Ishaq, Fran Loop, Janette Mello, Gene Nelson, Sara Palomo, and Dale and Dell Petersen, for their efforts.

Fire has always been an important of any forest and each year the State Parks staff tries to do a controlled burn at Big Basin . If you happened to blink, you probably missed this year’s burn. The plan was to burn 319 acres between the Meteor and Hollow Tree Trails and this past Friday they finally got the right weather conditions and we able to ignite the fire. Of course on Sunday it started to rain and just as quickly the controlled burn season ended. The final burned area was only about 30 acres, so the season was not a blazing success.
Hope you can make it out this Saturday!

Mike & Jeff