AUG 2017 - Firewood and Pine Mountain

The summer months is the time of year we brush (if we have to) and help out the park by filling the wood shed at HQ with a supply of wood for the next winter and for the campers campfires for the rest of the season.

After meeting in front of HQ we truck pooled up to the maintenance yard where we met Scott Martin the new maintenance supervisor and Lucas, one of his team.  We headed over to the shed to begin loading mostly oak and filled the one ton truck to capacity.  While we were in the loading mode, Lucas hauled out an old log splitter and after a bit got it fired up.  Working with mostly Doug Fir, David, John, Jordan, and Rhiannon were our splitting team.

Log spitting team

Log spitting team

While they were splitting away we followed Lucas down to the HQ compound where he dumped the whole load in front of the wood shed.  Dale P, Herman, Chris, John, & Norm again handled each piece of wood and pretty much filled the shed, leaving a v-shape opening in the center for the spilt Doug Fir. 

We had lunch at HQ and waited a while for the Doug Fir stuff to show up.   After lunch most of us went up to see if we could remove the Doug Fir blocking the Pine Mtn trail.  While we were up on the Pine Mtn trail, John volunteered to stay at HQ and deal with the Doug Fir wood when it got dropped.  By the time we got back it was done!

Filled to capacity

Filled to capacity

Rather than sitting around waiting for the Fir to be dropped off we finally decided to drive up Pine Mtn Rd with Chris & his 24” bar chainsaw to perhaps take a stab at the 4’ Doug Fir on the Pine Mtn trail but when we got there we calculated that it is pretty darn close to 5’ in diameter.  Rather than make the attempt with the 24" bar we agreed we should wait and do it in September hopefully with Big Bertha and its 48" bar.  As it was after 2pm we collectively decided to come back in September and the first thing in the morning deal with the humungous tree.  Norm said that the big saw was having some trouble running last he remembered and Chris thought he'd have it checked out by Scarborough's in Ben Lomond.

The crew put in 66 hours with YTD total of 956 hours.  Thanks to Herman A., Dale P, David B., Jordan M, Chris Y., John M., seasonal interpreter Rhiannon, Norm, and 1st timer Curtis M.

See you on the trails

Photos by Chris

Blog by Norm, Chris, and Jeff