DEC 2016 - Rain on 2 Crews

 It wasn't the typical day in the Park since it rained the entire day.  Bad news we were all soaked by the time we finished the good is it was raining, which is much needed in the West.  13 crazy crew members showed up and

with numerous reports from Kurt Leal of trail problems,

Dale S. and I took Jan and Norm to clear Shadowbrook trail.  Mike and Peter lead the other crew to scope out Hollow Tree.

We met at the refurbished shed to collect the tools and to check out the work that the crew did over the last couple of months.

 Norm and Dale S. discussing the day ahead

Mike and Peter's crew was made up of David B, Michele, Ann, Jordan, Janette, Curt, and Chris and headed out North Escape Road to check on Hollow Tree Trail. The rain was still light as we left the cars at the Barnes Kiosk, but after about 30 minutes it became heavier and left everyone a little soggy.

The first problem was the largest, a 12-inch Tan Oak across the trail, and required Chris Young to break out the chain saw. It took 4-5 cuts, but the blockage was removed and the rounds were rolled down the hill.

As Chris did the cutting, the remainder of the crew headed further up the hill to remove a couple of handsaw issues. By the time everything was cleared the rain had become steadier and the idea of pizza and beer and an early end to the workday seemed even more welcomed. We briefly considered checking on a problem on the Meteor Trail just up from the Skyline-to-Sea, but weren't able to easily locate it from the road and the rain was becoming heavier.

On Shadowbrook we did some brushing and cleared 2-12" Tan Oak, a small 3" and 2-6" trees.  The rain was light in the morning but around 11am the rain picked up.

 Some brushing in the rain

 Clearing up and old cut.

We finished up around 1pm and after we changed into dry cloths we met at the Boulder Creek Pizza House for our annual report on the BBVTC status meeting :-).  Joining us was Shelly, Francis, Jeannine, and Bill.  Pizza and beer all around.

A bit of a surprise was the honor bestowed on me of a plaque commemorating my 20 years working on the crew and a signed XXXL BBVTC tee shirt.  I finally finished my first day book where I kept notes of our work starting back on 10-2004.  Thanks for filling the book with your comments.  Now on to Book 2.  Thanks you all.

We put in 93 hours for the day and finished the year with 1035 hours.  This makes 4 out of the last 5 year where we put in over 1000 hours.  Thanks to all for putting in the time to keep the trails open.  Another thanks to Chris, Norm, Mike, Jordan, Ann, Janette, Michele, Peter, Dale S., David B., Curt, and Jan for coming out in the December rain. 

Happy New Year and see you on the trails

Jeff and Mike

Photos by Mike, Jeff, Peter, and Jan

Birds of the Day


Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Brown Creeper