JUL 2014 - Last Chance Trail

Now is the time of year for nice weather, not much to do, and mosquitoes.  Six crew members were out to help the Natural Resource Management team of Juan and Ashley on the Last Chance Trail.  As we know, this trail has been neglected over the years and we started working on it starting a couple of years ago.  I like this trail since there is a nesting pair of American Dippers further down the trail along the Waddell creek. 
As we hit the trail head at Hihn Hammond road we were greeted by a section that was burnt about 3 weeks earlier by alleged arsonist.  Lucky the CDF and local fire companies were able to contain the fire before much was burnt.   
Most of the day was brushing the trail in preparation for some major work on the drainage along the trail.
Temporary bar to divert a small spring to dry out the trail

 There are fish in the BB creeks.  Looks like a Speckled Trout

 Juan, Norm, and Janie getting instructions on limbing

In the drainage areas we cleared out about 10 feet on both sides of the trail into the drainage area and about 4 feet on both sides of the drainage.  The next step will be stone work to create permanent water bars for proper drainage and it will help with the trail erosion from water run off in the winter.

The day warmed up and I went through 1/2 gallon of fluids and drank another quart after we were done.  We put in 56 hours and broke 500 hours for the year so far.  I would like to thank Juan and Ashley for asking us to help them out.  Very nice people.  Also Norm, Janie, Dale S., Dave, and Joan for there work this month.

See you on the Trails

photos by Jeff and Dale S.

Birds of the Day
11 Pacific-slope Flycatchers (peewee)
8 Chestnut-backed Chickadee
1 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
6 Brown Creeper
1 Peregrine Falcon
1 Raven