FEB 2014 - Sequoia and N. Escape Colverts

Rain was in the forecast and that's what we got.  Now you would figure that on a rainy day most people would stay indoors.  Well we had 8 members show up and we had our first tree to clear off a trail in about 6 months.  There was a 2ft Madrone down on the trail off of the Sequoia Group Campground.

New interactive station and Norm is pointing to a section about the Trail Crew

2ft Madrone

First cut and the lower half slid about 5 meters down the hill
Another cut and time for log rolling

Log rolling 101

What's next: Colverts
Playing in water
Pup supervising the work
Lunch by the fire.
Most of us were ready for the rain and were dry.  Others (Norm) was a bit more wet.  Well we were out rain or shine and although a short day it was rewarding.  Fran brought cookies and the store flagged Mike down and gave us Snicker bar treats (see the perks of the crew).  I would like to thank Dale P., Mike, Janie, Bill, Francis, Norm, and Fran who put in 46 hours on a much needed rainy day.

See you on the trails


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