October 8 2011 - RDO

We were back out to the coast at RDO. There was some brushing on the trails, which was taken care of by a crew of three and the rest of the 12 were sent to the Nature Center. There was 3 jobs here and they were to remove a Myrtle to make room for a birding scope (yeah), planting a large board, and securing self guided trail sign posts.
Start with the holes

Measure up the posts

Plant the sign

After lunch we headed out STS to a slide area about a mile past the Twin Redwood Campground. We had opened this section a last October. We attacked this like the beams for the Schulz bridge: make it wider than you need.
Slide narrowed the area to a foot path.

We all know what this reminds us of

Mean while, the real work is being done by.

We left this root last time.

It almost got the better of one member.

This was one of our longest days, which ended around 5. It was a little longer for a couple of us but we did put in 110 hours, which put us within 160 hours to the magical 1000 mark. I would like to thank everyone that showed up, which were Tom, Dale1, Sara, Josh, Dale2, Gene, Janette, Francis, Janie, Bill, Michelle, and me. So most by now know that I'm an avid birder so for the bird count there were 35 species identified with the most notable being an Osprey, Kingfisher, and Rail.

Hope to see you soon on the trails.