July 2011 - Back to HQ

After spending 2 months on the coast we were back in our normal turf. However, if you need the BBVTC to work offer up food. Last month Marti offered up a BBQ after finishing a couple of jobs at RDO.
Linda had reported a large Fir and Tan Oak down on the STS trail near the junction where Hollow Tree trail makes a left.
Tan Oak just before Fir
Fir that was difficult to climb over
First cut on the Fir
Second cut and both the first and second section had to be removed using a level with the fulcrum being the Tan Oak section. The Fir had made a depression about 2 feet deep.
Nearly cleared
Job well done. It is amazing how much can get done with the right tools (Big Bertha) and the volunteer powering the effort.
Lunch was at the Kiosk and the mosquitoes were attacking all of us. With a scarf the attack was abated.

The rest of the day was in the search of a small tree down on Sunset or Dool. As often happens there was no tree but we did pass this impressive Redwood that has be burned out in the middle.

So if you have the bandwidth, here is a short video of how much a log can be.

Thanks to Dale, Josh, Bill, Janie, Gene, Janette, Michele, Peter, and Tom for a great job on clearing the STS trail. With half the year over we are at 555 volunteer hours and on the way to reaching 1000 hours and maybe more than last years 1015 hours.

See you on the trails