OCT 2009: Lady Bugs

Hey everyone,

It was a beautiful day and we worked along Creeping Forest in the morning. We clear a 10" Tan Oak and then did some hiking to the kiosk at the bridge on No. Escape Rd. at Hollow Tree Trail. There we had lunch and was treated to tens of thousand of lady bugs.

After Lunch we hiked down STS in search of a downed redwood. It was over 4 foot in diameter and we only had a 24" bar saw with us. We cleared out the branches to uncover the trail and decided to return the next month with Big Bertha (A Husqvarna saw with a 48" bar that was given to BBVTC by the Sempervirens Fund. The saw was given to Mary King by the Howard King as a wedding present).

There we 8 members out and we work until around 3:30 but we had a total of 52 volunteer hours by days end.

The Lady Bugs were the high light of the day and we had seen them about 4 years ago in the same place but I think it was in the spring.

See you on the trail - Jeff